NYC schools currently serve 1.1 million students in some of the most separate and unequal schools in the country.

The best experts on the impacts of segregation and inequities within our school system are students themselves. Continuing a long tradition, young people are calling for and creating a more just world. 

IntegrateNYC4Me supports these young activists in transforming our reality through research, advocacy and action.


Through responsible and participatory research on the disparate impact of segregation and the benefits of integration, we create context for the necessity of advocacy and action. We focus in particular on elevating narratives of students, families and educators most affected by segregation.

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We connect students, parents, teachers, administrators, political leaders, academics, grassroots organizers, and artists in a powerful community determined to advocate for meaningful policies that can ensure a just and equitable school system for all our young people. 

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We are committed to bringing the rich diversity of our city into our schools through collaborative projects and expanding school communities through exchange. We work to create an integrated and inclusive world today, showing others what the future could become through collective action. 

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